Vitaly Ablavsky

I am a Senior Research Scientist in the IVC group of the Dept. of Computer Science at Boston University, working in computer vision and machine learning. My current specialities include object detection/tracking and video-based activity analysis. My previous industry experience includes positions at Systems & Technology Research (STR), where I contributed to R&D efforts and led key technical areas on DARPA and IARPA programs, and Charles River Analytics (CRA), where I led projects in computer vision and vision system development. On the academic side, I earned a B.A. in pure mathematics from Brandeis University, and a Ph.D. in the IVC group at Boston University with Prof. Stan Sclaroff, working on graphical models for tracking; I subsequently held a post-doctoral appointment in the CVLab at the Swiss Federal Polytechnic Institute (EPFL) in Lausanne, working with Prof. Pascal Fua and Prof. Vincent Lepetit on activity recognition and transfer learning.